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Going to Church is Like Working Out…

I hate to admit it, but I don’t always feel like going to church. I feel like being a Christian is still new to me even though I accepted Christ as my Savior more than two years ago. I feel like it’s still new to me because I’m not very consistent with reading the bible, attending church or spending time with God.

I attended a meeting at church the other night and I really didn’t feel like going because I was tired and not in the mood, but of course I went and had a great time.  At the meeting my pastor said something along the lines of these new weekly meetings may seem unnecessary and that it will be hard making this new adjustment to our schedules but that we will see the results. He used working out and being sore at first as a metaphor and that’s when it hit me that going to church is just like working out.

I often struggle with wanting to attend church when I don’t have to. I’m not sure why I feel that way. I love my church, I love my church family, and I love hearing the word, but on Sunday mornings it feels like a struggle to get out of bed and get dressed.

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When I’m preparing to go for a run or workout, I love everything (well love/hate) about running and working out, but getting dressed and starting is the hardest part. After a workout, I always feel stronger, healthier, and good about myself. Just as working out leaves me feeling better, attending church always makes me feel happier, inspired, at peace and ready to conquer the day.

Life is all about habits and I think going to church and going to the gym are habits that I need to incorporate into my life on a more consistent basis. The more I make going to church on Sundays a habit and part of my weekend routine the less of a hassle it will feel and the more I can enjoy waking up and getting ready to go.

It’s crazy that all of the things that are good for us seem like the hardest to do. Why is it that sitting on the couch is easier than working out, that sleeping in is easier than going to church, that eating pizza is easier than eating a salad? I guess the best things in life actually do come with a price. Once we get over our excuses and just do what we need to do, the easier it will become and the better our lives will be.

Let me know what habits you’re working on to make your life a little more beYOUtiful.

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