Welcome be*YOU*tiful chick!

I absolutely love the phrase “be*you*tiful”. I believe that we all have beauty in us and it’s just a matter of being ourselves, but sometimes knowing who you really are can be difficult. I’m on a journey to find out who I really am and what makes my life beautiful.


I recently left my 9-5 job to build my own business and live the life of my dreams. However, now that I have more freedom, I’m not sure how to fully obtain my dream lifestyle. I’m not even sure any more what my dream lifestyle is. I just know that I want to be happy and hope to bring happiness to others.

I get to work from home with my boyfriend (who is also a business owner), cuddle with our two adorable puppies and do whatever I want with my day. But, working from home isn’t as easy as I thought it would be and I’m still struggling to find a balance of working, taking care of the house and having more me time. Is this really my dream life? Am I being the best me that I can be?

With this blog, I hope to share some insight into my struggles and triumphs along my path to finding the be*you*tiful me, and I hope this inspires you do do the same. Thanks for being a part of my journey!