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Girl Code

girl-codeI just discovered Girl Code and I’m obsessed.

Before I started reading Girl Code, I was in the middle of reading two other books and have over 30 books on my “to-read” list, but I just wasn’t in the mood to read any of those books. I wanted to find a book that would be inspiring, motivational and fun to read.

Thanks to my recommendations on Kindle, I came across Girl Code. As soon as I read the sample, I knew this book was exactly what I was searching for.

“Your reality is yours and yours alone. And it should be as fabulous as you want it to be.”

This book provides great insights on how to create your dream life and go full out to get what you want. I love how Cara encourages her readers to dream and dream big. She is a total boss babe and an inspiration.

“You know a woman is strong, beautiful and secure by the way she empowers and inspires others.”

I love that she interviews a variety of women that are kicking it in their field. These women took their passions and turned them into empires. They are successful and influential. I love that this book has connected me to powerful women that I’m now following and learning from. This book is a must read for any female entrepreneur.

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