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Comparing Your Weakness to Someone Else’s Strengths

I feel alive and awake today. Today is the first time in a long time that I feel like I actually woke up to be alive and enjoy life. I’m not sure where I’ve been these last few months. Time has passed by quickly and I can’t even tell you how I’ve been spending my time. Somehow I got distracted on my path in life and was watching everyone else stay on their path. I felt so behind. I started down the rabbit hole of negative thoughts. I started thinking that I’ve been making the wrong decisions and felt like everything in my life was wrong and that I had to start over.

I love being a part of online communities and have recently become obsessed with Instagram. I thought I was being inspired by everyone that was experiencing so much success and abundance and then started thinking OMG I want that in my life (in a super envious, my life sucks kind of way). I understand visualization and positive affirmations and mantras, but I felt so behind and undeserving of all of the things that everyone else had. Rather than being inspired by all of the possibilities, I felt overwhelmed by the endless possibilities and by my lack. I wanted so much to be like everyone else but I didn’t know how to get there. I froze. I didn’t want to make any wrong decisions out of fear that it would put me even more behind on my path to success.

I also started to question my desires. Seeing what other people were posting about made me second guess my goals in life. I felt like maybe my goals were too much or too little. I wasn’t sure what I truly wanted anymore.

I had forgotten about the quote “Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle”
during my downward spiral. But I’m starting to remember how much truth is in that quote. I was getting so caught up in what other people were doing and where they were in their lives that I had forgotten that they had to start somewhere too. They worked hard, failed and kept going. Why would I be any different? I’ve realized that the most important thing is to just start and keep going.

Slowly I’ve started to shift. I’m starting to realize that I need to put my blinders on and do me. I need to connect more with myself and share what I have to offer. Who cares if it’s different than what someone else is doing? We all have strengths and weaknesses and somehow I had forgotten that. I was comparing someone else’s strengths to my weaknesses.

I’ve always hated the ‘What are your greatest strengths/weaknesses?’ question because I didn’t want to feel like I was bragging about myself and I don’t like to think about the things I’m not doing well. But we all have different strengths and weaknesses for a reason and that’s ok, in fact, it’s great! Because of our differences we are able to help each other out. It’s why we all have something unique to offer.

I can’t compare my situation to someone else’s situation, especially without fully knowing their background and struggles. I need to just look at others as inspiration, and also look at others a little less while I focus on myself. I heard Matthew McConaughey say in a speech that his hero was himself 10 years from now. I love this idea. Rather than trying to live someone else’s life, I need to work towards the person that I want to be. I need to keep growing and becoming a better person.

I’m starting to embrace my strengths and work on my weaknesses. I’m focusing on myself and what I have to offer. I’m realizing that I need to take steps everyday to move towards my dreams. I’m not where I want to be yet, but I’m also not where I was. The comparison game was hurting my progress.

You can’t compare your weaknesses to someone else’s strengths.

Go live your be*YOU*tiful life!



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