Faithfully Be*YOU*tiful

Why Did You Doubt?

Thanks to my Bible app I’ve been able to discover a couple of devotionals to help with my attempts at reading the bible more. If you were to look at my Bible app, you would see several incomplete devotional plans. I get started on a plan that suits my needs in the beginning but then I get distracted and fall off…

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Healthy, Fit and Be*YOU*tiful

Shamrock Half Marathon

I have a problem. I love signing up for half marathons and I hate training for them. It’s not that I actually hate the training, it’s just that I’m not always motivated to go out and run by myself, especially when it’s cold outside. Since my last half marathon in December I haven’t done too much running. I had been…

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Glamour and Be*YOU*ty Corner

I Finally Tried LulaRoe

So if you haven’t heard of LulaRoe you must be living under a rock.  If you haven’t bought LulaRoe you must be a skeptic like myself. I have been invited to countless LulaRoe Facebook parties but I’ve never really participated in one. During the first online party I was invited to, I briefly looked into it and saw that I…

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