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Go For No

Go For No has changed my life. This is a must read! 

I love that Go For No is a business/self-help book written like a fable. It’s interesting and a quick read. I’m not a fast reader, but I finished this book in one day – I could not put it down!

This book changed the way I look at rejection and success. I feel like I’ve often been afraid to try things because I’ve put so much pressure on myself to be successful and thought that success was opposite of failure.

I now understand that failure leads to success. You have to fail in order to move towards success. The idea that wanting to hear ‘No’ is the key to success blew my mind!

With network marketing, I understood that success is in the numbers and that you have to be willing to speak to a lot of people in order to get the results you want. But I still focused on the success side and not the rejection side. For example, I thought, if I talk to 10 people, the average might be that I will hear 2 yes’s and if I hear 2 yes’s before I talk to 10 people, then it’s been a great day. With the ‘Go For No’ theory, my goal should be to get 10 no’s, not 2 yes’s. With trying to get 10 no’s, I could actually get more yes’s in the process! Who knew?

I highly recommend this book for anyone in sales, but also anyone that wants more in life. When you’re not afraid to hear no then you’re more likely to ask for more opportunities and you might be able to experience things you never thought were possible.

It doesn’t hurt to ask, so keep asking for what you want out of life and ‘Go For No’! Don’t be afraid to hear no, beYOUtiful.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but “No” can never hurt me”

Have you read Go For No? What were your takeaways?


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