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Vision Boards

Today is the first day of a new month. I love the beginning of a new month because it’s a time to reflect on the previous month and set new goals.

I’ve seen a picture going around that says, “Decided that my new year starts again February 1st…January was a trial run.” I love this because I don’t know about you, but my January flew by and didn’t go quite as planned.

I accomplished some of my goals for January, but not all of them. I want to have a better turnout this month. In order to accomplish my February goals, I need to know exactly what I want to achieve, make a daily plan of action, and fill myself up with belief that I can do it.

In order to fill myself up with belief I need affirmations and a vision board. Vision boards work on so many levels. If you don’t know what a vision board is, it’s a poster of things that you want to happen in you life. It’s like the original Pinterest. You get to flip through old magazines and cut out images and words that describe your goals and how you want to feel. In the book You Are A Badass, Jen Sincero describes vision boards as “a craft day with God”.

On a surface level, vision boards work because actually seeing  your goals and what you want is a reminder that you need to go after them. Vision boards also work because when you look at them daily, you are affirming to your subconscious what your life should look like. When your subconscious sees these images, it thinks that’s reality and it makes it easier for you to accomplish them. Often we’re afraid of accomplishing our goals because we don’t think we’re actually capable of them, but when we allow our mind to visualize the goals accomplished, we aren’t afraid of trying any more because in our mind, it’s already done.

It’s important to display your vision board somewhere that you will often see it so that it can seep into your subconscious. It’s also important to spend time with your vision board daily. You really want to spend time visualizing each part of your board so that you can live in your vision and not in your reality. Eventually your vision will become your reality.

I made my vision board for this year and I plan on making another board that’s more specific for this month. I’m excited to accomplish my goals and see some of my dreams come true.

Have you created a vision board? Has it worked for you?

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