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I recently read WTF to OMG: The Frazzled Female’s Guide to Creating a Life You Love. I have to admit, this book kept catching my eye on the Kindle Recommended for You section, but I kept holding off on actually reading it. The title was so striking to me, but I wasn’t positive that I would enjoy reading something that had WTF and OMG in the title. Yes I use those words all the time, but it made me think that the whole book was going to be written by some young, ditzy woman. I was totally wrong, I’m so glad I finally added this book to my library.

As soon as I started reading, I knew I would be able to relate to this woman. Jennifer Sparks starts off by telling her own WTF moments in life and how she was able to overcome them. We all have tough moments in our lives that we have to navigate through and hope to come out on the other side a little bit better. I love that Jennifer uses her life experiences to show how she could have struggled through them, but instead decided to look at them differently, approach the problem in a new light and learn from it all.

“So when you stumble, fix the issue but don’t make things harder for yourself by quitting!”

Jennifer provides a plan to change and move out of the WTF moments by putting emphasis on focus and decision making. Typically, I’m an indecisive person, so Jennifer helped me see a new perspective on the benefits of making a decision. When you make a decision you know what the next steps are to succeed. You waste too much time when you go back and forth on  pros and cons when deciding on something. Once you decide you can take action towards success. I know for me I hate making decisions out of fear that it will be the wrong one. But so what? You make a decision, you take action and if it was the wrong decision, you learn from it, move on and make another decision to keep your life moving forward.

“Many of us have a fear of making the wrong decision. But the bottom line is that NOT making a decision is actually making one.” 

This really hit home for me because I often get stuck in not making a decision and then that gets me no where. I need to embrace the fact that failure is a part of success and it’s ok to fail. I’ve often heard that you can reach your goals, you just have to decide on the goal and decide that you’re going to achieve it. I never fully understood this concept until now. I’m starting to understand that when you make a decision, truly make a decision and stay committed to it then you are unstoppable. When you decide to do something and really focus on that decision it makes it easier for things to fall into place. For example, if you decide that you’re going to go to the gym everyday, then you’ll go to the gym everyday. There shouldn’t be any question about whether or not you’ll go to the gym today because you already made the decision to do so. Now, I know that’s easier said then done because we want to talk ourselves out of going to the gym, but when we are really focused on our decision to go to the gym, we shouldn’t waste time questioning if we’ll go to the gym.

Jennifer also discusses how you should make decisions. You need to make decisions based on who you want to be. Like if you decide to train for a race, you have to make decisions like an athlete would make. Or if you want to own a business, what decisions would a business owner make? I love this way of thinking because it helps you see the bigger picture of where you’re going and helps you grow into the position that you want by already thinking a certain way.

“The universe takes care of the how and you just have to know what YOU want!”

Having your OMG life is all about knowing what you want and believing that you can have what you want. When you have the belief and make the decision to obtain it, you really can have the life of your dreams. Be focused on your goals and make everything in your life aligned with your goals and it will come together. With decision and focus you can take your life from WTF to  OMG.

Have you read this book? Did it help make your life a little less WTF and a little more OMG?

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