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Best Planners for 2017

I love planners. I never realized that I was so fond of planners until I started my own business a few years ago. I was always given a planner from the school all the way through college so I never really had to think about what I wanted in a planner. I just knew that I liked making lists, knowing due dates and writing in special events and plans.

After I started my business, I became obsessed with finding the perfect planner. I wanted a planner where I could schedule my whole day, write my to-do lists, keep track of my goals, write reminder notes and plan my life. I love planners and I love discovering new ones  Here is a list of planners that I’ve discovered and have fallen in love with. I wish I could use them all at once!

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The Living Well Planner – This planner is a great all in one planner to organize your life. And the bright colors and fun layout make this planner fantastic to use. This planner is all about finding balance in your life. It helps you identify your big goals for the year and break down your goal into monthly, weekly and daily steps. It has a budget planner, a place to record expenses, plan your meals and even a space to give thanks. This planner is perfect for anyone that wants to plan and record their life in one convenient place.

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Law of Attraction Planner – I love this planner because it’s all about affirmations and speaking what you want in your life into existence. This planner is unique because it has a 30 day reusable planner version and a full year version. The 30 day version is interesting because you can upload everything into the cloud and then erase everything and start new for the next month. I personally prefer the full year version because I like pen and paper and keeping everything together. I love the weekly layout of the planner because it has a space for your weekly goal, your reward, weekly to-do list, an inspirational quote, your top 3 priorities, a tracker for your positive habits and space for ideas and notes. There is so much to keep you on track each week and it’s all easily seen over two pages. This planner helps you develop your goals, make a plan, write a mission statement and even has a place for you to create a vision board that you can always carry around with you. This planner is about finding what you want, sticking to your plan and having a vision to make it come to life.

Passion Planner – This was the first planner that made me realize that planners could be way more than  just a place to record events. This planner

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starts off with an exercise to help you discover what your passions are and breaks them down into goals. I love quotes and love that this planner not only offers a weekly quote but also a challenge to take action and do something positive and new. The weekly layout provides a place to write your focus of the week along with good things that happen during the week. I love the room to keep track of personal and work to-do lists and free space to jot down notes. Another great thing about this planner is that after each month it includes questions to help you reflect on the previous month to see how it went and how you can make it better next month. This planner is all about finding your passion and working towards making it happen.

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Daily Greatness – This is the ultimate planner for planning your day and journaling your way to a better life. This planner has a daily layout to schedule your day, set your intentions, give thanks and reflect on your day. It helps you create a blueprint for your life with weekly and quarterly check-ins to stay on track. This planner is also really colorful with quotes to keep you inspired along the way. I’m a huge fan of journaling and I love that this provides you with space to journal, reflect, and still keep track of your day and goals.

START Planner – This planner is great for someone that wants to plan, budget, set goals and keep themselves organized. This planner comes in a couple different versions, but I love the Hustle Daily Business one the best. The planner starts with a goal section so you can easily review your big picture goals. It has sections each month for mini goals, your grocery budge

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t and a health check (love this!). The daily view has a place to write your daily focus, schedule your day, keep your to-do list and meal plan. The back of the planner has a business section to keep track of your mileage, marketing plan, financials and more! It’s perfect to keep everything in one place.

I love how planners are becoming more of an all in one place to plan your life. These planners not only keep track of your schedule, but they keep you on track of your goals and add some balance to your life.

What planner have you chosen to keep your life beYOUtiful?

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