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You Are A Badass

Once I started reading You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero, it was hard to put down.

Jen Sincero was real, inspiring, fun and a total badass. I want to hang out with her. Every story and example she gave I could totally relate to and felt like she was speaking directly to me.

You Are A Badass goes through why your life is the way it is, how to tap into your greatness, ask for what you want in life, getting over yourself and overcoming fear.

One of the things that I loved was how she calls BS the Big Snooze. I thought this was hilariously cleaver and accurate. Jen refers to your Ego as the Big Snooze that “operates according to your limiting false beliefs”. These false beliefs are what keeps you in your comfort zone and prevents you from stepping into your greatness! That’s definitely some BS!

Jen also changed the way I think about abundance and money. We all need money on some level, but I know sometimes it’s easy to feel guilty about wanting money. Jen made it ok to want money and understand that money is necessary and is abundant. It is so huge to think in abundance instead of lack. We can have anything that we want if we think abundantly and tap into what the universe offers.

“Believe, really believe that what you desire is here and available to you. And you can have it all.”

And of course, Jen talked a lot about fear. Fear is the major thing that stands in the way of our dreams. When you are truly passionate about something you’ll be able to overcome fear. Stop making excuses and find ways to make your dreams come true. Have more faith than fear and you will be successful.

“Our greatest fears are the greatest waste of time.”

There is so much more I could share about this book. I highlighted so many great quotes and words of affirmation. Jen speaks greatness and abundance into your life. You Are A Badass truly made me feel like a powerful, awesome badass that’s ready to conquer whatever life may bring. I highly recommend this book! It’s a must read for anyone that wants more in life.

“One of the be best things you can do to improve the world is to improve yourself.”

Have you read You Are A Badass? What were your takeaways?

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