Life Lived Be*YOU*tifully


I had the most wonderful experience yesterday. I got to color, and it was amazing. I love crafts, painting and art, but outside of Wine and Design, it’s been awhile since I’ve really had a chance to let my creative juices flow.

After a great day of feeling productive and on purpose I met up with one of my dear friends for coffee. Meeting up with her always fills up my cup. We have deep discussions on life, faith and gratitude among other things. I was already feeling so happy, but then she took me to Community Art Hour at The Farm House and that really made my day.

During this Art Hour, you’re given a prompt and then you are free to follow the prompt in whatever form of expression you choose. I choose to color with these pastel like crayons (I’m not great with art terminology).

Funny enough the prompt was overflow. I was so excited because my cup was already full and about to overflow. The prompt was perfect.

I immediately had a vision of what I wanted to draw, but wasn’t quite sure 20161025_183255how to start. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I didn’t want my drawing to look dumb. But I decided that I was there to relax and have fun and it didn’t matter how the drawing turned out or what anyone thought. I was going to create something that was meaningful to me and that’s exactly what I did.


When I started to draw, I had one idea in mind, but once I started going, I had new ideas and meanings pop into my head. My drawing turned out to be a pitcher that was pouring into a pyramid of stacked cups. The pitcher represents the source that gives you energy. I choose pink to pour out into the cups because I love pink and to me that means love, life and happiness. The cups that are directly under the pitcher are overflowing and are able to pour into other cups that are underneath of them. The cups that are at the bottom are not directly connected to the source and only get filled up somewhat my the cups that pour into them.

I love the visual of having my cup full because that’s how I describe joy and happiness. When I’m full of joy and happiness, I feel like my heart is so full it’s about to burst and I can’t wait to share my joy with others.

I find the most joy when communicating with people on a deeper level, after a good workout, listening to upbeat music or inspirational speakers, and reading. When I’m not connected to any of these sources, it’s easy to start feeling empty.

I believe that you need to stay connected to the things and people that fill your cup up and leave you overflowing so that you can pour into others. If you’re not connected to the source, your cup will barely be filled and you won’t be able to fill others up either.

I’m so happy with how my drawing turned out. I love that I was able to put my feelings and thoughts into a picture. It’s a good visual to remind me to make sure that my cup is overflowing so that I can be the best me in order to help others.

I also loved this opportunity to draw. It was so therapeutic and relaxing. This activity reminded me that being creative fills my cup up and that I need to allow myself the time to tap into it more.

What keeps your cup overflowing?

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