What’s to Come

I never imagined I would have a blog with a “be-you-ty corner”.  I used to know absolutely nothing about makeup, not a huge nail person and I don’t do much with my hair. But I’ve come to love makeup and am working on the rest.

I started to love skincare and makeup when I started my Mary Kay business (another thing I never imagined doing) a few years ago.  Now that I know what I’m doing and love the Mary Kay products, I’ve learned to love playing in makeup. With this section of my blog, I will shamelessly promote my Mary Kay products, and potentially mention other products I find worthy.

On the hair side, I have a love hate relationship with my big, curly, wavy hair that always seems to be a mess, but I love it when I take the time to take care of it. This blog will also highlight some of the hair care products I attempt to use until I find the ones that I truly love.

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I believe being yourself is truly beautiful. I'm on a journey to live a more beYOUtiful life and hoping to inspire others to do the same. I love running, wine, dogs, books and sunshine.