Faithfully Be*YOU*tiful

Finding Faith

My faith journey has been an interesting one.

I went to church with my family as a little girl, but once I got a little bit older and busier with sports and school, church wasn’t a priority for our family any more. I maintained the idea that there was a God and some sort of after life, but it was never a priority of mine to think about anything greater than the here and now.

Around the time of college, I started seeing more family members pass away from sickness and learned more about the horrible things that happen around the world, I began to doubt there could be a higher being. How can there be a higher power that created everything if they let so much evil happen to good people? Why not give all of the criminals cancer and move on? I honestly still struggle with understanding why bad things happen in this world.

After college, I began making friends that wanted more out of life than to go get wasted at the bar every night. I realized that I was meeting women that filled my cup with deep conversation, joy and laughter. I then began to realize that God was the common link among these women.

Meeting people that wanted to help others, that were happy and on the right path in life really opened my eyes. They openly talked about their faith in God with so much belief that it made me want to learn more.

I began reading the Bible, but struggled through Genesis and got further behind on my “Bible in a Year” plan. I wasn’t sure how else to find my faith, so I kept on.

About two years ago I reconnected with a friend and she invited me to church and I am so glad that she did. Because she asked me, I now have a church family and home that I probably wouldn’t have found otherwise. I love the way my pastor teaches the Word and applies it to our lives.

I still have a lot of questions and things that I don’t understand. I’m not perfect when it comes to reading my Bible or attending church consistently, but I’m working on it. I believe that I have a God given purpose on this earth and that I need to be closer to God to achieve it.

I’m still finding my faith and trying to figure out how that makes me be-you-tiful. Thank you for being on this journey with me.

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